Thimphu – The Capital City

Thimphu is the capital of Bhutan and is therefore the most populated district in the country. The population of Thimphu is 98676 according to the GeoNames geographical database. You can easily spend several days in Thimphu visiting all the sights.


If you are flying into Bhutan, your first vision of the country will be Paro Valley, as you descend between the mountains to the country’s only airport, which in itself is an experience when you see how close the mountains are and how sharp the descent is!


A three-hour winding mountain drive from Thimphu will land you in Punakha, the former capital of Bhutan. Along the way you’ll drive over the Dochu La (pass), where you will have a spectacular view of the Himalayas on a clear day. Before reaching Punakha, you can stop in Metshina and take a 20-minute hike through


Wangduephodrang is the last town before the long stretch of highway to central Bhutan. It’s a small clean town with a few shops, and it’s known for its slate and stone carvings and bamboo work. Situated on the hill is the Wangduephodrang Dzong, which had political significance in the 17th century.


Trongsa is about a four-hour drive from Wangduephodrang and is right in the middle of Bhutan. It’s the ancestral home of the royal family, and both the first and second king ruled the country from here. Aside from the breathtaking scenery, the most notable feature in Trongsa is the Trongsa Dzong, which is thought


Bumthang is the perfect place for day hikes, with its lush valleys and hilly forests. It’s about two and half hours from Trongsa, and the drive includes a climb over the 3,500-meter Yutong La (pass), where you may see some yaks grazing, depending on the season. There are many temples and monasteries in the Bumthang

Eastern Bhutan

Eastern Bhutan is different from western and central Bhutan in terms of development and lifestyle, and if you enjoy seeing the countryside, then it’s well worth the long haul to get there. The steepness of the region lends itself to some spectacular views, with rushing waterfalls and sheer drops.